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Traditional Jewellery Collection


Traditional Indian jewellery dates back a long time and is beautiful on everyone.These well-known works are among the most coveted designs in the world.

Gold is a reminder of our country’s rich history.

With each piece of jewellery presenting a unique tale of an era long gone. Indian ethnic jewellery with an earthy, ancient flavour will make you special. Al Malik has antique jewellery collections with a wided range jewellery in the store which include chokers, armlets, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, fingerings, toe rings, nose rings, anklets, pendants and jhumkas (earrings), all designed and crafted by expert artists.

One of the most elegant gold pieces a bride can wear

On her wedding day is temple jewellery. The origin of this majestic jewellery is traced all the way back to ancient India. With the help of this temple jewellery, people in ancient times used to decorate various sculptures.

For centuries, South Indian brides have adored these traditional temple collections. They are not only lovely, but they also give you an angelic appearance. On the day of their marriage, all brides want to stand out like a glowing star, and ethnic jewellery can help them achieve that look.

The word “jewellery” comes to mind while thinking of Indian wedding rituals.

The richness and uniqueness of Indian weddings are due to the country’s traditional gold jewellery. Traditional gold jewellery has been passed down through the years, and many families still have pieces from decades ago. Brides who wear traditional Indian jewellery bring prosperity, money, and good health to their families. They are emblems of purity, wealth, and abundance.

Different regions and cultures follow their unique designs and works.

The south is known for its extensive temple based large designs, the north is known for its exclusive carved designs, the west is known for its mirrored and stoned works and the east is famous for its beaded work.

At Al Malik jewellery we have South Indian traditional jewellery from old north Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and also North Indian jewellery of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, along with Tewa traditional styles of Rajasthan and Sikkim. This includes plenty of traditional designs such as Kasulaperu, Mango Mala, Lakshmi Haar, Mulla Mottu MAla, Jhimkki, etc. 



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